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Job description

This is a fully-remote, full-time position, exclusive for Brazilian citizens.

Our client is a Norwegian multinational company and the product you are going to be working on helps farmers to maximize their carbon crop yield.

You will work with a multicultural team with different talents, experiences and various skill sets to find creative and inventive solutions and help you grow your career. We work closely with agronomists, data scientists, sales representatives, etc. that come together and help the "farmer" (Growers) make the best decisions by analyzing data from models that map the areas where these farms are located.

All of this is possible with the help of various emerging technologies, data science, machine learning, etc., so there are a lot of interesting challenges for engineers.

Responsibilities and assignments

  • As a full-stack engineer within our Software Engineering Practice, you and the team will be the lynchpin of our mission to bring about meaningful change to sustainable practices in farming around carbon sequestration. You and your team will design, implement and evolve over time a foundation that is crucial to our success;

  • This foundation will include design & implementation of our customer facing React based components and pipelines which process, handle and store terabytes of remote sensing, machinery and climate data from around the globe, which will calculate carbon emissions, predict the effect of these practices on soil quality and much more. You and the team will build, monitor and improve our machine learning systems to scale, grow and evolve as we grow. This is a journey of discovery, there is much to learn but together, with you in our team, we can figure it out;

  • Engineering is a key part of our secret sauce and you will be responsible for delivering a compelling and engaging UX experience through the web and mobile. We believe in team anatomy and empowering everyone in the team to control the team's roadmap.

Requirements and qualifications

  • Contribute to MVPs, partial and full release products and various stages of development and release on different release trains;
  • Frontend focus - built at least two web or mobile applications using any of the widely-used frameworks (React/PWA/Angular) and leveraging JS/TS/HTML/CSS fundamentals;
  • Backend focus - worked on an application within the NodeJS ecosystem using any of the widely-used frameworks (NestJs/Express/Koa/Fastify). And with exposure to designing & implementing RESTful or GraphQL services, involving databases (structured and/or unstructured) and service-oriented architectures.
  • Full-stack focus - worked on at least two end-to-end solutions with any combination of the Frontend and Backend skills above and nice-to-have experience with cloud infra like GCP, AWS, or Azure;
  • Aligned with our principles: agile, customer-centric, lean, service-oriented architecture, organization, transparency;
  • The breadth of experience in solving problems & bringing value by having several years of experience working on full-stack composable UI architectures. You have a hands-on mentality – you are happy to roll up your sleeves, where you and your team learn by doing;
  • You are comfortable translating sometimes ambiguous business and technical problems into plans that your teams and engineers can act on and feel passionate about. You care about facilitating learning and growth on the team and find ways to execute and deliver the here and now while growing them for the future;
  • Strong analytical, technical and troubleshooting skills. You know how to deal with web-app challenges like localisation, A/B testing, behavioral analytics, cross-browser characteristics, etc;
  • You are eager to learn, a conscientious worker, and a thoughtful, kind, supportive person that enjoys sharing your knowledge with your colleagues;
  • You value team success over personal achievements;
  • Problem solving, troubleshooting, and interpersonal skills;
  • You are able to thrive in a fully remote organization;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Experience working in a fast-paced, high growth company;
  • Vision, and a strong service team attitude;
  • Advanced English.

Additional information

What’s in it for you:

  • Home office welcome kit;
  • Competitive salaries + Flexible hours;
  • Excellent Medical, Dental health benefits;
  • Opportunity to work with a global team;
  • Be a part of a culture of learning that will take your professional growth to another level with collaborative + thoughtful team members.

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